– The Out Of Control Hobby –

Hey hey, it’s Joette, but you can call me Jo! 

Welcome to iGoByJo, where nails are not just a beauty statement, but a cultural experience.

Growing up on the beautiful island of Sint Maarten, nails have always been a huge part of our culture. 

Watching my mom go to the salon every few weeks for acrylic refills, I was mesmerized by the artistry and dedication of the nail technicians.

But it wasn’t until I was 11 years old that I attempted to do my own nails with a Kiss Acrylic Nail Kit, and let’s just say it was a Himalaya mountain of a disaster.

My mom took me to her nail technician for an emergency fix, and that’s where my love for nails was truly sparked.

Fast forward to now, and what started as a simple and fun-loving part-time hobby has turned into a full-time business, specializing in

  • acrylic nails,
  • natural nail treatments,
  • press-on nails, and
  • nail art.

With over 12K followers on Instagram and a loyal clientele, I can truly say that this is what I was meant to do.

So join me on this nail journey and experience the magic of iGoByJo.

Trust me, your nails will thank you!

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